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Women have been writing plays forever, haven’t we? 

So we can’t help but feel frustrated that even though we buy, by far, the largest majority of theatre tickets out there, we are still largely underrepresented in the other side of the curtains.

Here are some ‘sobering stats’ from Purple Seven’s Gender In Theatre 2015 Survey:

  • Female customers account for 65% of ticket revenue…
  • but only 39% of actors, 36% of directors and 28% of writers of plays performed are women
  • Male playwrights write 37% of parts for women….
  • …while female playwrights write for 60% female casts
  • Male Directors and Writers command bigger stages and higher ticket prices

The good news, though?

The gender gap seems to be (slowly) closing, at least for Female directors:

  • According to the same study, female directorship is becoming more established, directing 39% of plays in 2015 so far compared to just 34% in 2012

Wouldn’t be great if we could arrive at 50/50… and for female playwriting and casting as well?

Let’s imagine a world where telling stories for and about women is not a politically-charged act.

Where female lead characters do not need to be defined as ‘strong women’.

Where what we see and love on stage is true to real-life and shows us how we are.

And where, by allowing women to be strong, cynical, dirty, aggressive, ugly, flawed or simply themselves, we also allow men to be scared, weak, hesitant, caring…

The easiest way to do so is to support ‘theatre by women’   

The plays listed below are all written and performed by women.

Some are quite established, but most are still in the early stages of their journey. They are all great work, all getting great audience or press reviews.

And especially, they strive to be honest, interesting, inspiring representations of women on stage.

How about supporting them?

They will all be at Brighton Fringe this May 2018.

As women, they have less help to get their shows produced, less access to funding, often less confidence, and yet here we are, creating great theatre  … let’s choose them?


Also, if you’re coming to Brighton Fringe this year and want to see great shows, click here to download or ’10 Must See Shows at Brighton Fringe Guide’.




By Fishhouse Theatre


Growing up in the West Midlands’ equivalent of the Von Trapps, the musicals of Julie Andrews were a touchstone for Lesley in times of joy and sorrow. She wanted to be Julie Andrews. However, Lesley qualified as a solicitor after her dad said she had to have a proper job. We follow Lesley through her journey, from conception to motherhood and she tells us all, using props and songs from the shows. “Lesley shares her story with unflinching candour and earns immediate respect.” **** (Fringe Guru) “Astonishing performance” (Buxton Fringe Review) “So emotional!” (Audience member, Buxton Fringe)


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:


By Sh!t Theatre and Show And Tell


Oh look, Sh!t Theatre are back. Known for their multi award-winning, politically-conscious, sell-out shows: ‘What is it this time?’, ‘Oh, is it Unemployment?’, ‘Is there a crisis?’, ‘Did the Government do Something Wrong Again?’ Now, it’s a show about Dolly Parton “we f*cking love her”. Sh!t Theatre present their bold new show about country legend Dolly Parton, cloning, branding, immortality and death. “An icon is unpacked, satirised and worshipped all at once – gleefully scrappy and frequently silly.” **** (The Stage) **** (Sunday Times)


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:


By House of Mirth


‘There’s two rules: first, the person you choose must be dead. And second, you have to be dressed up to get in.’ It’s Thursday night in the Prince Arthur and their latest theme night is in full swing. Landlady Liz is run off her feet, whilst husband Barry struggles to get into his new costume. Elsewhere in London, a young woman from Edinburgh steps off a train, determined to make her dreams a reality. Fast-paced and irreverent, ‘Marie’ is a darkly comic new play inspired by the life of Mary Queen of Scots, but given a distinctly modern twist.

Winner: Scottish Arts Club Bright Spark Award 2017


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:



By Nicole Henriksen


Award-nominated writer and performer, Nicole Henriksen, presents the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed theatre debut. Henriksen is known for tackling difficult subjects with grace and wit, and ‘A Robot In Human Skin’ is no exception. It’s a fresh, truthful and heartfelt look at mental health and the ways we treat and understand it. Come take a look into The Robot’s mind and see how you like the ride. “Perfectly pitched” ***** (The Scotsman) “Beyond superb” ***** (Theatre Reviews)


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:


By Angela Yeoh


Like money? You’ll love this show. Self-­professed business guru Manyi visits from China to share top insights for a prosperous and powerful life. Come laugh, play, ponder and power up!


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:


By Yosis


When Camille transfers to London, she finds herself following a well-travelled road. She left her country to grow, yet her reality slowly narrows. When complications with her baby arise, she needs to engage with the society that has welcomed her. Naysam arrives in France at 17, with her heart filled with dreams – thinking she will finally live the stories of her favourite fictional characters. But the reality of economic and social survival quickly takes over. “A well-written and hard-hitting piece of international theatre” **** (The List)

“New writing at its best” (LovesTheatre)


Watch it at the Brighton Fringe: Click to Book:


Going to Brighton Fringe 2018?

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