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We are performing, this Tuesday, a the Press Night of the film Our Last Tango in the London.

It is a movie that has made a big splash in the tango world but has not really reached a mainstream audience. It tells the story of Maria Nieves and Juan Carloes Copes, who truly are tango legends and did much to share tango with an international audience in the 80s and 90s.

It is funny, because even though my story is nothing like that of Maria Nieves’ I feel that I can completely understand her passion for dancing. And, as is revealed in the film, her ‘tumultuous’ love life. Working and dancing every day with the same partner can be both super rewarding and challenging.

Sometimes, when we invite tango teachers from Argentina, who come as a couple, we can see the strain that their tour across the world is taking over their relationship. It is quite sad to see… but of course! How patient you have to be to work, travel, dance, sleep, teach, perform & spend most of your days with the same person for up to 6 months in a row.

Still, working and dancing with your partner has its advantages, especially when he is as nice, patient, and talented as mine

Well, he chose a fiery dance and life partner…. there must be a reason 😉

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