Have you ever thought of the ’50 ways you could afford something right now’?

It’s a mind-stretching exercise entrepreneurs often do in order to change their mindset about money, and get into a space of abundance. You are given a sheet of paper with 50 blocks, and you’re supposed to write down 50 ways, or untapped opportunities, youc an make money right now. It can range from ‘selling my running shoes’ to ‘starting a youtube channel’. Nothing’s too small,nothing’s too far fetched.

I am about to embark onto a new creative project, and I have been feeling blocked. I can’t see how I will bring it to life, and that has stopped me from taking action. I keep reminding myself to ‘just start then course correct’, but what is holding me back is that it is a long-term project and I am not sure about how long I’ll want to commit to it.

That’s where the entrepreuneur exercise comes into play.

I have learnt about it during a mindset seminar. Today I use it regularly for creative work – with my spin on it.

When I feel blocked, for acting, singing, dancing…. I create my own ’50 ways to….’

Instead of ’50 ways you could afford something right now’, I challenge myself to find ’50 interesting scenarios for a screenplay’, or ’50 ways to connect with other artists right now’, or ’50 songs I would like to sing’…

I always go through blocks when doing these exercises (and usually give up in the middle…) But still, the more I have done these exercises, the more I have realised that my mind becomes more agile and imaginative. It is a slow process, but a great one to get your creative juices flowing.

What about you? Could you do your own ’50 ways to…’ and feel your brain stretch? About what??!

Warm hugs


Feeling confident on screen