About Yosis

Chazal famously say “קשה לזווגם כקריעת ים סוף”, finding someone’s soulmate is as hard as the Splitting of the Red Sea.

We at YOSIS are trying to break down yet another barrier of the arduous process - all in efforts to make the shidduch process easier.

YOSIS gives individuals the ability to create fundraising campaigns that will allow them to raise an incentive bonus for matchmakers to make shidduchim for singles. The money held kept in account and is paid to the shadchan at the time of the shidduch.

Often times friends and family want to help a single person they know, but they aren’t experienced in the world of shidduchim. We want as many people as possible to take part in this big mitzvah. The YOSIS platform allows everyone to join, to spread the word, and donate.

How it works for the campaign

1.    A family member or friend of a single decides to open a campaign page. On the fundraising page, he/she can add as much/little information as they like (we require at least the first name of the single and the first name of their father/mother – in order to help shadchanim and help friends locate the page).

2.    After reviewing the application, the page gets approved by the YOSIS admin team.

3.    Spread the word! You can share the campaign page with friends and family by using a link or a code (which people can use to donate by phone or search for the campaign on the YOSIS website).

4.    Funds and incentives are raised. The shadchanim are hard at work!

5.    Baruch Hashem a shidduch is made! The securely stored funds are released to the shadchan who made the shidduch.

Create a Singles Fundraising Campaign