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is a French theatre company based in Paris and founded by sisters Anne and Sophie Bertreau

YOSIS was long-listed for Voice’s Best Newcomer Award at Brighton Fringe 2018

For Behind Our Skin at Brighton Fringe Festival 2018

Anne Bertreau

French theatre-maker, playwright, actor and Tango teacher, living between Paris and London.

I write and perform theatre. I get excited about storytelling, and about how theatre can mix so many different disciplines. In my plays I often mix text, music and songs, ensemble movement work, dance, poetry. 

I’ve written and performed in four plays with YOSIS: the most recent being Behind Our Skin (2017) and A Voice (2018).

Previously, I was part of the company Cuts & Grazes, with which I toured the outstanding feminist play Sex & God by Linda McLean.

I trained at Rose Bruford College in the UK and graduated with a Masters Degree in Ensemble Theatre. I also trained at Ateliers du Sudden in Paris, France.

YOSIS was long-listed for Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award 2017

For Behind Our Skin at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017