Behind Our Skin

When Camille transfers to London, she finds herself blissfully following a well-travelled road. She left her country to discover and grow, yet her reality slowly narrows. But when complications with her baby arise, she needs to truthfully engage with the society that has welcomed her. Naysam arrives at seventeen in France as a foreign student with a suitcase and a heart filled with books – thinking she will finally live the stories of her favourite fictional characters, and find a home. But the reality of immigration documents, economic and social survival quickly take the best of her.


creative, entertaining and well-written piece of theatre. This production is proof that a quality script on a simple theme goes a long way.


A pacy and visceral play, simply but movingly told. Behind Our Skin is a powerful and passionate look at multi-cultural society.

The List

Amazing performance. Captivating acting that drew you in emotionally while portraying a strong message about race, identity and emigration. Touched on terrorism and how this affected the characters lives. Very relevant to issues we are facing today.
New writing at its best.


Saw this show and was deeply moved. Two passionate performers in an intense and insightful performance, facing important issues of our times.

Anna Valeska

A real surprise gem of the Fringe for me. The writing and performances are very strong and deserves a bigger audience. The delivery and pace is superb and the flipping between stories is gripping and leaves you on the edge of your seat. It offers a refreshing perspective on the accountability of our actions and opinions.

A strong 4 star show. See it

Sam – Migrationsmatter Festival

So enjoyed this captivating performance. Great piece of new writing and so well presented.