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I’ve been a fan of Thomas since I first saw him perform one Friday night last Winter. It was in a dark basement and he completely lit up the evening for me. With his understated stage person and awesome tricks he rekindled my love for magic. I’d forgotten how awesome magic can be!

Every time I see him perform, it is a new trick, and his shows are always impeccable: natural but precise and rehearsed to the latest detail, which is the kind of show that I dig.

Another thing that I love about Thomas is the kindness that emanates from him. He’s arrived from Chile to London a year ago, has lived in Canada & Spain, and is just a great person to have around.

That’s why I am so happy to introduce him here. He has a lot to say about creativity, performance, and, well… magic… Here is Thomas Dixon, on creating a magical world:

Isn’t he awesome!?

I’ve also asked Thomas to share his favorite books on creativity and life, and have received a long list of 20-ish names! Avid reader… So he’s selected his top 3 books for you, and here they are:

  • The War of Art – Steven Pressfield: ‘Amazing book about artists and getting things done’
  • The Taoh of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff : ‘Letting go, and go with the flow’
  • The Art of Loving – Eric Fromm : ‘Importance of love, and of course loving yourself’

See you in the next video,


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