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Read one book a day


Gratitude list


In the past years, I feel that I’ve been bombarded by so much advice on what to do every day to lead a fulfilled life…

Not conflicting advice, but rather… advice that adds up.


So like a good little soldier, every time I’d read a new article praising the scientifically-proven incredible benefits of Daily Routine X I’d try and cram it into my day.

Adding morning meditation and gratitude list on top of chakra meditation, making sure I’d started the day with 10 minutes of yoga and affirmations…

By 8.30AM I was already exhausted and frustrated by how I’d dragged myself out of bed at 6AM just to still have nothing to show for myself by then.

I kept telling myself that it was just the right way to start my Most Productive Day Ever but still…I was in my pajamas repeating affirmations to my mirror. How about sending out emails?

So I changed my approach.

After reading yet another enlightening article assuring me that the only way to make something a habit was to do that one thing for 21-day in a row, I decided to tackle my daily routine 3-weeks at a time.


How Boring.

One day I’d want to do affirmations, the next feel a strong urge to meditate, but it was my 21-Days Of Journalling, so I couldn’t.

Fast-forward to 2 years and none of this has stuck (apart from exercise by it’s my work). I’ve been dabbling at meditation, at the most, and never got the benefit of any of this… (only the stress of falling short at having a great morning routine like successful people do)

Until recently, when I did some personal development work.

It’s so simple actually.

Here’s the real trick.

You sit down with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine if it’s the first time you’ve ever done some introspection work). You spend some time defining your personal needs.

Personal needs?

What you need in your life to feel good.

What is it that if you don’t have it regularly you get cranky, or drained, or sad?

What gives you energy and makes you feel powerful?

What makes you feel loved?

They can be a need for physical touch. Or exercise. Or spiritual conection. Or compliments. Or signigficance…

We all have them, and yes, they can feel a bit… ridiculous, or shameful sometimes (cue my need for compliments).. but they’re just needs and the thing to remember about them is that once they are met (a little hug here and there, a word of affirmation, some time alone…), they get out of our system, and we’re a better version of ourselves.

(So, the ratio of work-in/ impact-on-the-world is huge :-))

Right. Once you find them, you can organise your daily or weekly routine around them.

Need for spiritual connection? Maybe meditate for 20 minutes in the morning

Need for laughter? Finish the day with youtube videos of your favorite comedian

Need for physical touch? Get a massage weekly, or go to a tango class… or use your imagination??

Life – and daily routines – are much simpler that way, and much nicer than frantically following the latest Fast Company article on productivity.

Don’t you think?

Off to my yoga class now…

Much love,


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