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Itching to do videos but scared?

If you are an artist or an entrepreneur today, you need to be comfortable making videos: you need to speak to the camera, demonstrate your skills, give advice…. There is no way around it.

Yes, video is daunting:

‘What if people don’t like what I have to say?’

‘What if some people comment that I am not good enough?’

‘What if my competition sees it and think I am lame?’

Recently, we did a day of shooting for my Tango Dancing School: we prepared mini videos to demonstrate tango movements on facebook. I am so glad we did. First, because it is bringing a lot of new people to our school. Most importantly, because it helps our students feel that they have a personal relationship with us. Video is such a great tool for that, and it is important for us that our students feel supported in many ways when they learn with us.

We were nervous about being on camera (always :)) but it was actually a lot of fun (as you can see in the backstage video below)…

And, I learnt quite a bit, including 3 tips about feeling more comfortable on video.

Here they are:

-The look of love:

I know a lot of advice out there is about finding the best team to work with, but I am not sure it is really what matters at that stage. We were filmed by 2 videographer friends who were super supportive. Knowing that the people behind the camera were rooting for me, setting things up and giving me honest feedback so that I would look my best was so important. Not that they were not super professional (they are!), but their support was definitely an added bonus.

-Invest in You:

For this shooting, we had called in a professional make-up artist. It felt good to know that I was looking my best, and I didn’t have to worry about doing my make-up when I arrived or throughout the day. There is a lot of pressure for women to look good, so giving myself that extra little push – professional help – meant I didn’t have to go through the day with the uneasy feeling that maybe my hair was not quite right, or my skin too white for the camera, etc… Plus, she was just an awesome person to have around. Double trouble 🙂

-But Don’t Worry Too Much Either:

My coach said that to me, and now that I am doing video regularly I couldn’t agree more: people want to see You.

If we are super ‘polished’, sounding very smart, set in luxurious surroundings on our videos, and that when the students arrive they see the real us, which is laid-back, bubbly, with strong French & Argentinian accents (and let’s face it, my hair is always a bit messy…)…. then there is a discrepancy between what they came for and what they are getting…. That is not really smart marketing….

So we are better off simply being as we are, and focusing on making sure that what we are demonstrating and the advice that we are giving is helpful to the viewer.

At least that’s what I believe so far anyway 🙂

I hope that helps:)


PS: here’s the backstage video of that day of shooting

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