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Have you ever embarked on a project with all your heart just to feel completely lost a few months or years down the line?

Ever gone through a phase when you said to yourself “Hang on a minute, I don’t even know what I AM anymore…”?

I have.

And thought these moments are notoriously uncomfortable, they can lead to incredible breakthroughs.

Thing is, most of us don’t want to talk about them. Or even, we prefer to stay the course and ‘Not Be A Quitter’ instead of recognizing that something is not fulfilling us right now.

That’s why I was so happy that Imogen, who combines the kindest, gentlest soul I know with the hardcore body of a Fitness pro, agreed to share her story.

She transitioned from dancer-creator to business owner. And in this interview she shares:

  • How she decided to let joy drive her decisions
  • How she took a step back and gave herself permission to Not Know
  • How she found her new passion by following her curiosity
  • & the fulfillment that comes with helping people lead healthier, happier lives

… and because she’s funny and kind, she’s shared her three favorite books with us..

I have a tendency to Stay the Course and Never Quit… and the few times I have actually called it quits on something it has taken me time, and cost everyone involved way more drama than necessary… So I always love hearing about people taking a gentler route for themselves…

I hope she inspires you as much as she does to me.

Thank you for reading and being here 😉

Much love,


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