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You know, these films that still haunt you days after you’ve first watched them?

There is something about them… is it the atmosphere, or the characters, or the DOP’s visual style?

We spend hours discussing the details of the plot or reminiscing about the unexpected ending or repeating the hero’s coolest lines.

And yet, have you ever thought about the fact that maybe it was all about… the soundtrack?

Music is incredibly powerful in storytelling… and a key element of the creative process of film-making.

My foray into films always crucially lacked music (no budget!), which is why I was fascinated when I sat down with film soundtrack composer Nick Samuel.

In our interview he tells you about the three roles of music in storytelling, his process for creating music that gives intensity to the film, and also why the role of film soundtrack composers is actually to make you… forget about the music.

Click on the video below to watch:

Isn’t this fascinating? Actually, Nick is a fascinating character all round, and this is fully reflected in his writing: I recommend you go have a read at his blog.

Also, Nick’s book recommendations beautifully reflect the feelings conveyed by his music: intense, sophisticated, and edgy:

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