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Ever felt that you are waiting for the moment of inspiration and that it rarely shows up?

Big, ambitious dreams of creating, but a tendency to stop in your tracks?

We have all been there, and it is a lonely place 🙂

If it sounds like you, you will love my interview with Alex PW.

Alex is a singer-songwriter based in London, and one of the most prolific creators I know. Every time I see him, he is pushing himself to perform or create better.

In this interview, he tells you about how he changed his approach to songwriting to make sure inspiration strikes… You will learn how you can start without clarity about what you want to do, and end up writing one song a week.  

I especially love the story about how he picked up a guitar and on day 1 created his first 2-chords song.

He recommends three books, which are the same mix of ambition and humility as he is: a deep & thorough approach to the power of words, art and music

Ulysses – james Joyce: It inspired me to push myself artistically and never to compromise. It made me to make songs more than just a collection of notes and words. They could be about something and connected to a history of music.

Revolution in the Head – Ian Macdonald: It taught me to make songs interesting. It made me want to surprise myself. It also taught me songs could be part of the social and political fabric of life.

Collected poetry of Anne Sexton: It taught me that songs, and especially the words, can be a catharsis and about myself and make myself feel better. As a result of that, it could make other people feel better too.

Now we would love to hear from you!

  • Do you too find that taking a ‘mechanical’ approach to creativity works best?
  • If yes, what is your process?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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