How to finally bring your dream story to life

Hey, I’m Anne.

I work with people who love to create shows, films and music.

I help them bring the dream projects to life. I’m a creator myself – an actress, dancer and writer – and know of all the blocks any creative soul has to push through. I share practical advice and personal insights about creativity.

How do I get my own hands dirty?

  • I write, produced, perform my own theatre shows, including a musical, a poetry based street tour and a two-woman show on Immigration.
  • My last show, Behind Our Skin, premiere at at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 to great reviews
  • I love making people’s talents shine by directing plays or short films – including the online tango dancing course Tango Core which is now sold in over 40 countries across the world
  • As an actress I’ve helped directors bring their dream projects to life by giving my 110% best on set every day

When I’m not performing, directing and writing, I can be found:

  • Dancing and helping men & women in London move better, express themselves and meet friendly people with my tango school
  • Helping love birds make their wedding an extra special day with a Tango dance
  • Commuting between Paris and London and making pals in the Eurostar
  • In a studio! whether it’s yoga, ballet, tango, 5 rhythms… I love challenging myself and discovering more freedom with movement
  • Roaming the London or Paris open mics

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