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Do you know what the best thing you can you do to a piece of performance is?

Take it to the street!


I’ve seen in happen with all three arts I have street-performed: Be it with dancing, singing, acting… the ‘live feedback’ you get on the street beats everything else in the creative process.

Because let’s face it.

If you manage to catch the attention of a passer-by who has never heard of you and is not particularly looking to be entertained… connecting with your audience in any other setting, especially a traditional theatre, becomes a piece of cake. /you will fascinate your audience in any other, more traditional environment.

That’s what my guest today does so well.

Daniel is a musician and street performer from Spain.

In our interview, he tells you about how he connects with an audience who is not looking for him, how he writes songs and how to keep going when the creative process gets messy… Click on the video to watch.

If you want to see & hear more of Daniel, you have two options: catch him perform on the streets of London – often in front of the Tate. Or, check out his vlog – laughter guaranteed.

Also, he recommends three books – and I love how he fluidly goes from AI to suspense fictions, which is very like him: brainy, and sensitive at the same time!

Hope you enjoy the interview and I see you in the next video 🙂



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