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Some girls start planning their wedding very early on.

Others, much later, when their partner is on one knee and they say yes but what they’re really thinking about is the year ahead and the enormous project that’s just been added to their to-do list.

But when you’re a woman there always comes a point when you think about The Dress.

What’s your style?

Will it be simple?

Chiffon dress or organza? Silk?

Will you wear a veil?

Thoughts that always felt more oppressive to me than exciting. For some reason – maybe because I know that White is definitely not my color – I’ve never dreamt of a wedding dress.

it’s another kind of dress that turns me on.

A gorgeous one too, though.

yes, it’s a long gown, yes I’ll be smiling on the pictures, yes it’s by a wedding dress designer and yes it will be the most beautiful day of my life…

I’ve found it 6 years ago and it’s been on my Pinterest board since then.

My Oscar dress.

The dress I want to wear when I’m receiving an Oscar.

It’s by Cortana, and I don’t want it beige, but red.

I found it years ago when I was doing research for a film and my heart melted.

All set, then.

Now I just need the movie part.

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