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Recently I received a text message from my sister.

“The reason mum can’t find a date to celebrate her birthday is not that she can’t find a date. It’s that she’s scared of organising a party”.

which in a way is cute given that she’s about to turn 60, has 50 people in her close family (which, if you offer a Sunday of free booze/free delicious food has a tendency to Show Up and raid your home…), and has no reason to believe people wouldn’t come.

But anyway, it looks like the frightening thought of Noone Showing Up at your birthday can linger on for years…

Thankfully I’ve just had my own version of Noone At Your DoorStep, so that fear is gone now…

I’ve recently invited creatives (theatre practitioners, film-makers, script-writers…) for a discussion around what I’ve discovered about the creative process from writing 4 plays & 3 short films, & performing in over 15 productions in the past 5 years.

It was all set up with tea, biscuits, and even a ppt presentation with everything I thought would be helpful to the person I was 5 years ago.

Of the 11 people who said they’d come, 2 showed up.

I could have felt disappointed. Instead, I decided to embrace the fact that 2 talented people that I admire came to see me! In my home! And one brought a gift! <3

It was a lovely evening. I shared what I had planned to share, then we had an interesting chat over a glass of wine.

So, yeah, not everything is insta-worthy sometimes. I wanted to share the story so that next time 4 people show up to your event/play/concert, you can consider it a success…

That evening was really nice.

So nice, in fact, that I’m organising it again next month.

And if you’re in London, you’re invited.

Much love,


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