A Voice

My body became his body, my voice became his voice.

Interview with Anne Bertreau

It is 1971 in Paris and Angèle faces a choice

Will she use her influence as a pop music sensation to speak out about women’s rights, or keep quiet to save her career? She was taken from obscurity by music impresario François and let him shape her into a Eurovision-winning idol. But in the aftermath of a doomed love triangle and a career-rocking scandal, she must now make a choice.

“Anne Bertreau, plays Angele with a wide-eyed credulousness that is filled with pathos… her physical vulnerability is captured as she changes from one glittery dress to the next, pale and exposed.”

4 Stars The Guardian

“a challenging show with a nuanced and powerful solo performance.”

4 Stars FringeGuru

YOSIS returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 18-26 August at 14:30 at C cubed

with its “challenging and nuanced” one-woman play, A VOICE, that explores a decisive moment in the life of a young pop star.

“Anne Bertreau is beguiling in her role.”

4 Stars The Upcoming

‘A Voice’ is at the C cubed (venue 50) Edinburgh Fringe Festival
 18-26 August at 14:30.

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